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Calvinism -- Ten Little Caveats*

Copyright 1998 by Bob Moore

We have treated Greek ideas about God, too much like scripture.  "Ten Little Caveats" explains why Calvin's  view of God's sovereignty must not reject God's sovereign freedom to control all ultimate things notwithstanding one's indeterminate faith.

An ancient axiom, "Ecclesia semper reformanda est." (the church always needs to be reformed) is often quoted in Reformed circles to point out how the church needs to be vigilant against the sin and error that would challenge her foundational truths. Calvinism as well as Arminianism needs reformation.

Dr. John Piper says,  "Faith, more than any other human  act, glorifies God and humbles man."  "Ten Little Caveats" explains why this is true, even though Dr. Piper is opposed to the point of view presented here.

(I consider chapters 5, 6, and 9 to be the most essential)

Table Of Contents 

Foreword  The Occasion for TEN LITTLE CAVEATS

Chapter 1  The Early Church Fathers Were Arminian-like;  Augustine Made Corrections That Overcompensated

Chapter 2  Calvinism's View Of God

Chapter 3  Calvinism's View Of Man 

Chapter 4  Calvinism's View Of Time 

Chapter 5  Calvinism's View Of Bible Language 

Chapter 6  Calvinism's View Of "The Heart Of A King" 

Chapter 7  Calvinism's  View Of "The Inscrutable Basis Of Election" 

Chapter 8  Calvinism's  View Of Some Biblical Terms 

Chapter 9  Calvinism's View Of Romans 9 

Chapter 10  Calvinism's View Of Christian Unity 

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* Caveat:  a warning or explanation to prevent misinterpretation.

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